Terms and Conditions

By purchasing products from this site, you agree to the terms and conditions of use. Please read them carefully and if you need help do not hesitate to contact us.


This online store (fytofarm.eu) belongs to the company with details:

Address: 5th km of Veria – Naousa, Patrida 59100
Tel. : 2331067515
VAT: 998531526 – Tax Authority: Veroia

Consider the following terms and conditions before placing your order. We inform you that before placing your order, you agree to be bound by these rules.

1) Age limit

The online store fytofarm.eu only sells products to people over the age of 18 and reserves the right to refuse the sale otherwise.

2) Work Hours

Fytofarm.eu is an online store and is therefore accessible to its visitors / customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, telephone or online communication with the store is possible within 9:00 – 15:00, weekdays and Saturdays outside public holidays.

3) Description of Services

Fytofarm.eu provides complete services for the acquisition of its products. These services include online shopping, mail, fax, telephone, confirmation of your purchase, payment terms, correct packaging, shipping to your place safely and receipt or invoice.

4) Ordering

The amount listed on the website includes VAT. 24%, but transportation costs are not included. Prices are listed on the corresponding page of the site, where the user selects the way in which he wishes the shipment / payment to be made, or you can see them in detail in the receipt you will receive with your purchase. Fytofarm.eu bears no responsibility for anything that happens other than what may be checked, ie it is not responsible for loss, delayed orders or disconnection of telephone, network, software or other systems. Nevertheless, it remains at the disposal of its customers to normalize any problems.

5) Order Confirmation

From fytofarm.eu you will receive a notification confirming your order, within 24 hours of its electronic registration and only then, the order becomes binding. We encourage you to print out this page and keep it as proof until you receive the legal proof of the product. Your order will be confirmed by e-mail, fax and / or sms. At the receipt that will accompany your product upon receipt, you will find the full purchase amount, including all expenses and taxes that may be mandatory. If you wish, it is possible to issue an invoice instead of a simple receipt, but a relevant update must have preceded it.

6) Packaging

Fytofarm.eu is responsible for ensuring the proper packaging of your products, each according to its specific features. The packaging includes safety packaging, both internally and externally, for better protection. If, however, a product is found upon receiving, to be in less than perfect condition, then we will replace it at our expense, after the client informing us. Fytofarm.eu reserves the right to check the product, to decide on its status and whether the customer is responsible or not.

7) Delivery

The delivery of the products takes place, except in the case of cash on delivery, after fytofarm.eu receives the full amount of the order. Delivery is made immediately from the date of confirmation of the order. Detailed information is hosted in the “Shipments & Returns” section of the site. The delivery period does not include delays due to strikes or other unexpected situations (see weather conditions, etc.).

8) Shipping Cost

The final cost depends on the destination (inaccessible locations, remote islands, places outside Greece), the volume and weight of the order. In any case, the customer is informed of the total charge before completing his order.

9) Payment Methods

Fytofarm.eu customers can choose from the following payment options for their orders::

  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank account deposit
  • Credit card

Each order is processed if both the specific item and the shipping costs have been paid.

10) Shipping/Delivery Methods

Depending on the address of the recipient, the delivery of orders is done either by an employee of the company using company means, or by a cooperating courier service, or through an agency / post office, in special cases. In addition, the customer has the option to pick up his/her order from the company’s physical store, by appointment, free of charge.

11) Issuing a receipt / invoice

The company is required to issue a retail receipt (or invoice based on data that the customer will provide) for each purchase.

12) Quality Assurance/Returns

The team of fytofarm.eu, utilizing its long experience and know-how in its field, guarantees the storage and maintenance of the items in the store’s catalog under professional conditions. In addition, it makes every effort to ensure that each item is delivered to the customer in perfect condition. In the event of any defect in the product or its packaging, the customer is requested to contact fytofarm.eu within five (5) working days, in order to launch either the replacement of the product, or the return of the money by credit to a bank account or credit card (not in cash).

13) Use Limitations

The entire content of the site is recorded in accordance with EU law and is protected by international copyright law and international procurement contracts. Material from fytofarm.eu as well as related services cannot be copied, distributed or transmitted in any way unless authorized by fytofarm.eu. Website users can download a copy of part or all of the material for personal, non-commercial use provided they do not modify the material in any way, nor do they delete or change anything related to copyright and authenticity. All material on this site is provided for legal use only.

14) Liability Limits

Fytofarm.eu is not responsible for any technical errors of any type, both on the computer and on the software it uses, for network connection problems or for incomplete, vague or delayed transmissions. In no case is he liable for damages arising from the use of material of this address.

15) Privacy Policy

Στο fytofarm.eu θέλουμε να γνωρίζετε και να έχετε τον έλεγχο στο ποια δεδομένα μοιράζεστε μαζί μας και στο τι κάνουμε εμείς με αυτά. Το κείμενο αυτό (το οποίο ονομάζεται Πολιτική Απορρήτου) εξηγεί με απλά λόγια αλλά και σαφήνεια τι δεδομένα συλλέγουμε και πως τα χρησιμοποιούμε. Σκοπός του είναι να σε βοηθήσει να αποφασίσετε ποια δεδομένα θέλετε να μοιράζεστε μαζί μας και με ποιο τρόπο.

The following is a summary of the most important points in the Privacy Policy, but we recommend that you read the full text.

  • When you use fytofarm.eu – even without purchasing a product – we receive from you personal data such as IP address and the type of device you are using, without them identifying you. In addition, by choosing to create an account on fytofarm.eu you share with us your e-mail address, your mobile number, your name and details of your address. We use this information to secure your account as well as to contact you for matters concerning you.
  • At fytofarm.eu we want to make your online shopping better. We provide you with the ability to store products of interest to your account.  We use information from the products you are looking for, view and store to show you results that may interest you the most as well as to alert you to opportunities that may interest you.
  • Fytofarm.eu provides the possibility of public communication. Product reviews are public and visible to all site visitors.
  • Through your account settings you can choose which data to share with us and manage your preferences regarding our communication with you and promotions.

For any questions or comments regarding this policy, do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@fytofarm.eu or by calling 23310 67515.

16) Changes to Terms

Fytofarm.eu reserves the right to modify these terms with respect to future orders. By using the Website, you agree to be bound by these amendments as well as the existing operating rules.

17) Product Prices

The indication “web price” indicated on the products on our page, fytofarm.eu, means that the specific products have a different price if they are purchased through the online store fytofarm.eu from the price at which they are available in our physical store. Fytofarm.eu does not bear any responsibility and does not cover price differences of products purchased from our physical store and the customer found out afterwards the existence of the product with a lower price on fytofarm.eu.

18) Right of Withdrawal

Any customer who purchases a product from fytofarm.eu reserves the right to return the product or products purchased for any reason, even unnecessarily, within fourteen (14) calendar days and request a replacement with another product or refund. The above right exists only if the product or products are in their original condition, without having been put into operation or used or damaged in the packaging or the product itself. In case fytofarm.eu finds that none of the above applies, it reserves the right to refuse the customer the replacement or refund. The cost of returning the product or products to our headquarters is borne exclusively by the customer / buyer.